Coming from a diverse background, I draw from a complex array of experiences to influence my art. My mother’s interest in exploring her own creativity as  a self-taught artist helped cultivate me as a creator from a young age.

My artwork often takes a surreal approach to exploring the myriad expanses of the mind. For me, each piece is an intricate and in depth journey towards self-reflection, and through this expression I am able to realize the next step towards my truth. Through investigating fears, desires, and the elements that comprise raw spirituality, I aim to seek an understanding of the puzzles that make us human.

The visions I realize for my pieces are best reflected via oil on canvas, although some pieces are also created in a monochromatic charcoal medium. Bold strong marks and vivacious colors work to convey my ongoing relationship with the self, mysticism, and spirituality.

I currently live with my husband  (and my greatest fan) and work in the NoVA-DC region.